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ControlLogix Fundamentals

Course overview

The iTEK Trainer for ControlLogix Fundamentals is an eLearning course that provides an overview of the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix platform, including controllers, chassis and power supplies, I/O modules, communication modules, and motion modules. Additionally, the course will show you how to go online with a controller using Studio 5000 Logix Designer, provides instruction on how to configure modules, gives an overview of tag structures, and shows various settings and options in the software to perform required tasks for example control applications.

ControlLogix Fundamentals eLearning course screenshots

The ControlLogix training course uses professional illustrations and animations to help clarify concepts of the ControlLogix system. Detailed background information and links to reference materials provide you with a variety of learning tools. These tools, combined with step-by-step demonstrations, will provide you with a basic understanding of ControlLogix hardware and Studio 5000 Logix Designer.

Gauge knowledge

The iTEK Trainer series of courses provide you with opportunities to test your knowledge through question and answer sessions. These question and answer sessions will allow you to gauge your knowledge level and help identify areas for improvement. You can take the courses as many times as you like to further your skills.

Course content

Listed here are the content lessons in the ControlLogix Fundamentals course. In addition to the content lessons, all iTEK Trainer courses include a course introduction, module-level practice lessons, and pre- and post-testing. Select each item to learn more.

  • Recognize how the ControlLogix platform is used in industrial control.
  • Understand the system level architecture of the ControlLogix platform.
  • Recognize how the ControlLogix platform can be used as a Communications Gateway.
  • Understand the role of Studio 5000 Logix Designer, RSLogix 5000 software, and RSLinx software.
  • Install a USB driver.
  • Configure a DF1 driver in RSLinx Software.
  • Create a project in Logix Designer.
  • Download a program to a controller.
  • Identify the function of the ControlLogix chassis backplane.
  • Identify the different ControLogix chasses sizes.
  • Understand chassis slot configuration.
  • Understand the difference between A and B style chassis and their power supply requirements.
  • Understand a redundant power supply system and the additional hardware needed.
  • Install a ControlLogix power supply.

    Each of the following is a complete lesson:

  • Controller Overview
  • Firmware Installation
  • Scrolling Status Display and Status Indicators
  • Mode Switch
  • Energy Storage Module
  • Battery and Battery Port
  • Communications Port
  • Memory Cards
  • Legacy Memory Boards

    Each of the following is a complete lesson:

  • Overview of I/O Modules
  • Digital I/O Modules
  • Analog I/O Modules

    Each of the following is a complete lesson:

  • Overview of Communication Modules
  • EtherNet/IP
  • ControlNet
  • DeviceNet
  • DH/RIO

    Each of the following is a complete lesson:

  • Overview of Motion Modules
  • Digital Motion Modules
  • Analog Motion Modules

    Each of the following is a complete lesson:

  • Module Configuration Overview
  • Connections
  • Configuring Controller
  • Configuring I/O Modules
  • Configuring Communication Modules
  • Configuring Motion Modules

    Each of the following is a complete lesson:

  • Tag Structure Overview
  • Digital Tag Structures
  • Analog Tag Structures
  • EtherNet/IP Tag Structures
  • DeviceNet Tag Structures
  • DH/RIO Tag Structures
  • Understand the function of memory organization in a ControlLogix controller.
  • Identify the three components of a Studio 5000 Logix Designer project.
  • Understand how each component functions within a project.

    Each of the following is a complete lesson:

  • Decimal
  • Binary
  • Hexadecimal

    Each of the following is a complete lesson:

  • Overview of Ladder Logic
  • Overview of Function Block Diagram
  • Overview of Sequential Function Chart
  • Overview of Structured Text

Get up to speed quickly on the ControlLogix Platform!

Whether you are an operator, maintenance technician, an engineer, or a manager that needs to have a working knowledge of the ControlLogix system, the iTEK Trainer for ControlLogix Fundamentals is a valuable addition to your training initiative. This course can be taken as a stand-alone eLearning course, and can also be used as a quick reference tool while you are on the job!


The iTEK Trainer for ControlLogix Fundamentals eLearning course has over 400 screens! This does not include the module-level practice lessons, or the pre- and post-test. Here are just a few of them:

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