RSTrainer for RSLogix 500
iTek was approached by Rockwell Software to co-develop a Web based training (WBT) package for RSLogix 500 programming software. This educational CBT/WBT course is designed for new users of RSLogix 500 or as a refresher for experienced users. Additionally, the training can be used to supplement or enhance traditional classroom instruction.

The RSLogix 500 training course is divided into four modules:
  - Introduction
  - Offline Programming
  - Online Programming
  - Check Knowledge

Click here to view an outline that shows all of the lessons in the course.

During the development cycle, iTek worked closely with a Rockwell Software instructor who wrote the script. iTek's role in the project included: establishing the look and feel, designing the interface, creating supporting graphics, building 3D models, Authorware programming, DLL programming, and script editing.

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To purchase RSTrainer for RSLogix 500 visit the Rockwell Automation Training Services web page:
Screen Shots Click to view sample screens.

Download the Demo.
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iTek, in conjunction with Rockwell Software Inc., has created an interactive computer based training (CBT / WBT) package for Logix 500 programming software. This training is delivered via CD-ROM, the Internet (with instructor assistance if desired), or over a LAN. (PLC, SLC)

RSTrainer for Logix 500 is the first to be released. This course begins with an active demo introduction for installing Logix 500 software, and a tour of the user interface. The introduction (SLC, PLC) is followed by three modules: Offline Programming, Online Programming and Check Knowledge. Offline Programming teaches students how to create a new project, edit ladder logic, use database tools, print reports and backup/restore projects. Online Programming shows students how to configure RSLinx, upload/download to the processor and run diagnostics. Each module includes an interactive practice, and the final module, Check Knowledge, tests students with application questions.

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