SLC 500 Programming Fundamentals eLearning course

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SLC 500 Programming Fundamentals

Course overview

This interactive, self-paced training course teaches you the core programming concepts of SLC™ 500 control systems. During the course, you will learn about memory organization, addressing, ladder logic concepts, and the SLC 500 operating cycle. You will also be provided with an overview of RSLogix 500 software.

SLC 500 Harware Fundamentals eLearning course screenshots

The course uses professional illustrations and animations to help clarify concepts of the SLC 500 platform. Detailed background information, and links to reference materials provide you with a variety of learning tools. These tools will provide you with the knowledge required to understand the usage of addressing formats and basic instructions in an RSLogix 500 project, and the numbering systems in an SLC 500 system.

Gauge knowledge

The iTEK Trainer series of courses provide you with opportunities to test your knowledge through question and answer sessions. These question and answer sessions will allow you to gauge your knowledge level and help identify areas for improvement. You can take the courses as many times as you like to further your skills.

Course content

Listed here are the content lessons in the SLC 500 Programming Fundamentals course. In addition to the content lessons, all iTEK Trainer courses include a course introduction, module-level practice lessons, and pre- and post-testing. Select each item to learn more.

  • Understand SLC 500 processor memory organization.
  • Identify the program and data files used by the processor.

    Each of the following is a complete lesson covering Address Types:

  • Background
  • Modular I/O
  • S (Status)
  • B (Bit)
  • T (Timer)
  • C (Counter)
  • R (Control)
  • N (Integer)
  • F (Float)
  • M, G (Specialty)
  • Understand how indexed addresses operate.
  • Identify the proper format for an indexed address.
  • Understand the fundamentals of indirect addressing.
  • Identify the proper format for an indirect address.
  • Locate and understand the function of the Online Bar in RSLogix 500 software.
  • Identify the Program and Data files used in RSLogix 500 software.
  • List methods for addressing instructions.
  • Search a ladder program for addresses, symbols, or instruction types.
  • List the types of program documentation you can add to your RSLogix 500 projects.
  • Identify tools for troubleshooting your RSLogix 500 projects.

    Each of the following is a complete lesson covering Numbering Systems:

  • Decimal
  • Binary
  • Binary Coded Decimal (BCD)
  • Hexadecimal
  • Identify internal ladder instructions.
  • Compare a Relay diagram to a Ladder diagram.
  • Discuss the concept of Power Flow.
  • Identify XIC, XIO and OTE instructions in RSLogix 500 software.
  • Interpret the Input and Output status tables.
  • Understand the meaning of True and False in ladder logic.
  • Recognize the different networks for which SLC 500 processors have built-in support.
  • Understand the basic principles of the DH-485, DH+, and Ethernet communication networks.
  • Describe Logical Continuity in a ladder logic program.
  • Explain a simple Motor Jog Circuit in ladder logic.

    Each of the following is a complete lesson covering the Status File:

  • Status File Overview.
  • Main, Proc, and Scan Times.
  • Math, I/O, Channel 0, and Channel 1.
  • Debug, Errors, STI, and DII.
  • Protection, Memory Modules, and Forces.
  • Global Data and Reserved.

Get up to speed quickly on Allen-Bradley's SLC 500 platform!

The SLC 500 system has been a workhorse in the automation industry over the years, and is still widely used today. But SLC 500 training is somewhat scarce...Until now! Whether you are an operator, in maintenance, an engineer, or a manager that needs to have a working knowledge of the SLC 500 platform, the iTEK Trainer for SLC 500 Programming Fundamentals is a valuable addition to your training initiative. This course can be taken as a stand-alone eLearning course, and can also be used as a quick reference tool while you are on the job!

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